“The Golden Age of Model Railroading” Exhibit

The Twin City Model Railroad Museum initially began as a hobby club in 1934, and by 1940 had begun to offer public displays of model railroads. Over the decades, the organization moved and evolved, eventually opening a museum within the Bandana Square shopping center in 1981. In February 2008, the museum opened a second space in a nearby building, offering additional hands-on opportunities to its visitors. In 2011, the museum hired Bluestem Heritage to conduct an audience analysis, followed by an Interpretive Plan in 2012.

Following the themes established in the Interpretive Plan, Bluestem began the research to support a new exhibit called the “Golden Age of Model Railroading”, focusing on the 1946-1960 era. We gathered research about both local and national trends in this topic, and collaborated with the clients to review and synthesize the research. Bluestem then produced the text, signage, and labels for the exhibit, which opened in June 2015.