We specialize in creating Interpretive Plans that provide a vision for the interpretation, education, and visitor experience opportunities at a museum. The goal of our Interpretive Plans is to help a museum to build on its past efforts, develop an inspiring and unique message, and meet the needs and desires of its audience.


Our Interpretive Plans are based on a careful analysis of your collection’s strengths, your building’s capabilities, your audience’s desires, and your market niche– with attention to topical opportunities that would develop during this time period. For an interpretive plan to be successful, it must define a high-quality experience that is historically significant, unique, compelling, transformative and marketable. It must also outline the pragmatic and sometimes visionary steps that it will take to attain that success. While this plan outlines both minor and major efforts, it’s central purpose is to serve as a written expression of the shared interpretive goals for a museum.


Our plans describe underlying philosophies, visionary goals, and attainable steps. In response to the needs of the organization, and following the framework developed by the National Association of Interpretation, Bluestem Heritage works to help you make history.